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DENTAL IMPLANTS For seniors on Medicare: free dental implants

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

This Dental benefit will surprise you.

Medicare will no cover nothing of the following dental services.

In most cases, Medicare does not cover dental services, specifically, services related to the care, treatment, filling, removal, or replacement of teeth, or structures directly supporting teeth. This would include check-ups, cleanings, dentures, dental plates, dental implants, bridges, extractions procedures performed to prepare the mouth for dentures (including reconstruction of the ridge) or titanium implants. Medicare does not change its coverage based on the service being medically for example, removing or replacing teeth that are impacted or broken would not be covered, even though the services are medically necessary.

Medicare may cover some dental work

Medicare may cover dental services specifically related to:

  • Treatment of a fractured jaw

  • Cancer treatment

  • Extraction of teeth PRIOR to radiation treatment of the jaw (but not after)

  • Removal of oral lesions or tumors.

  • If a non-covered service or procedure is an essential part of a covered service or procedure, such as removal of a tooth that is preventing the removal of a tumor, both services may be covered.

Most of the dental services not covered by Medicare are also not cover by supplemental plans or secondary coverage insurance.

This medicare advantage will cover implants.

However, some MEDICARE Advantage plans will cover dental work.

We are here to offer you a variety of Medicare Advantage plans that includes dental implants and dental coverage depending on the area where you live.

Contact us to ask about Medicare plans with dental coverage

to check your eligibility

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