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Medicare Low Income Subsidy and late enrollment penalty solutions

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

3 Things to know about the Extra help or LIS help from Medicare to cover your prescriptions.

If you are eligible, you will get the following benefits:

Extra help with Medicare and avoiding the donut hole There is no coverage gap.

Also, individuals enrolled in the Extra Help program do not have a gap in prescription drug coverage, also known as the coverage gap, or the " Medicare donut hole". The amount of subsidy depends on the individual’s income compared to the Federal Poverty Level and resource limitations set by the

THE EXTRA HELP WILL HELP YOU WITH THE PENALTIES: There is no late enrollment penalty.

There are some exceptions to the Late enrollment penalty and having LIS is one of them. Qualifying for LIS will get rid of this penalty.

Beneficiaries will pay no more than $3.95 for generic covered medication and $9.85 for brand name medication.

To qualify for more benefits call us at +1844-316-9413

Get ride of the late enrollment  penalty qualifying  for LIS
Medicare low income subsidy will help you with the late enrollment penalty

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