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Nobody should have to choose between seing the doctor, paying a utility bill or buying groceries.

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

For that reason a lot more Medicare plans will be adding or improving their benefits for 2023

The most wanted benefit is the healthy grocery card and now is expanding to more zip codes and types of Medicare plans.

In some States you don't need to have Medicaid or chronic condition like ( diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, Asthma etc..) to qualify for a grocery card anymore.

Some Advantage plans have a new design. The Grocery benefit will be a form of compensation to their members that agree to enrolled in a program to maintain a healthy life.

This kind of program will assign the member few healthy tasks to be completed and after the completion they will be rewarded with funds on their prepaid visa card.

If you live on any of the states bellow contact us on the link OR CALL 844-316-9413


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