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Updated: Sep 14, 2022


No. you cannot buy food with Flex Card. the only purpose of these card is to pay coinsurance or medical bills from providers like dentist or optometrist for example.

There only some few eligible healthcare benefits expenses that can be paid by the Medicare Flex card.

Why so many different cards?

Some Medicare Advantage plans will offer you a different type of prepaid card that can be used to buy over the counter items and food at stores like Walmart or Win Dixie

Some of the food cards are known as Healthy grocery benefits or Healthy benefits plus or healthy food card.

Medicare Advantage plans offering thousands of dollars on food card benefit? true or false

Some of these Medicare food cards have an allowance between $35 dollars to $225 dollars per month

the amount of the benefit on the Healthy grocery plus cards depends on your zip code and your eligibility for Medicaid.

How to find a Medicare plan with thousands of dollars on Food benefit?

If We find a plan in your area including flexible expending account, we will be able to enroll you

the only way to get this benefit is enrolling in Medicare advantage plan offering the benefit.

Can I add the food card benefit to my current Medicare advantage plan?

No it is not possible not even on the same carrier if for example you have a Humana Plan without the food card benefit. you will need to switch to the Humana Medicare plan offering the benefit of the food card.

find out What plans are in your area and your eligibility for one Medicare advantage plan with a grocery plus benefit. or call us at 844-316-9413 ☎️

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