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Texas grocery card benefit for seniors on Medicare.

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Now Texas seniors can receive help to pay for the groceries and utility bills thanks to a benefit offered by the Medicare plans.

It is not available in every zip code and only the seniors with Medicare and partial Medicaid or full Medicaid will be able to obtain this extra help.

Some insurance plans will help paying for groceries up to $65 dollars per month.

Medicare Flex utility card: What is it?

Some insurance companies offering Medicare advantage plans will pay for the utility Bills for their members up to $125 dollars per month. The bill needs to be under the name of the member and this benefit cannot be transfer.

The approved utilities services for this benefit includes:

Electric, gas, water utilities.

Landline telephone service.

Cable TV service.

Certain gas petrol expenses.

How the Medicare flex utilities bill card work?

If you are eligible you will receive from the insurance plan a type of Visa debit card.

The benefit to pay for your utilities will be added to your visa flex card.

The same visa flex card you are using to cover the dental, glasses, hearing aids.

(This is the part where everyone gets confused).

For more details in how to obtain this type of cards and qualify for one. Contact us 844-316-9413


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