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Free groceries for members of a Medicare dual plan with medicaid and medicare

Free Groceries for Members with medicaid and medicare

We wanted to remind you of a key benefit that makes getting groceries and other essential items easier and safer for our members with medicaid.

Available on select plans, allow members with medicaid and members with qualifying conditions, including diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic lung disease, asthma, congestive heart failure (CHF), cancer, and coronary artery disease, access to additional benefits to help manage their conditions.

The Grocery Benefit Includes:

• A prepaid annual visa card with

• $50 - $275 credit per month for approved items (depending on the plan).

Ask to check and see if your eligible for $600-$3600 in groceries per year.

Call us 6672548749

For residents of the following states FL, TX, TN, LA, GA, NJ

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