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Do all medicare advantage plans offer flex cards? Medicare flexible otc food card.

No. Only some Medicare Advantage plans offer flex cards, but for 2023 there is large variety of cards and different types of allowances for food, for dental services, rewards, transportation. Etc. and the qualifications may vary. Depending on your zip code and the insurance company you prefer to use. It is very difficult to find the plan offering the best flex card for your needs on your own we highly recomend you to use an insurance broker specializing in medicare advantage plans and in your state to get the most accurate information about the flex cards.

I will be calling this benefit the flexcard because this is the name you guys use to search for it on the internet. 🤷‍♂️

Checking directly with your insurance provider to see if they offer flex cards is not a good idea because you will be limited to only the plans they offer in your market and they will not mention any other plans from their competition.

Some inexperienced agents on medicare advantage plans may only offer you the flexible spending card To cover medical bills and you may be looking for the grocery card.

And a lot of blogs you may read on the internet will tell you the flex card for groceries with $2,880 dollars doesn't exist..... part of that is true... " it is called healthy benefits plus card" on 2022....things are changing again for 2023 and the names are changing too..🤯 but I wrote another blog to talk about the 10 different names and uses the medicare food card have.

For what I have seen I could tell you the "flex card" is real not a scam I have check some states like in Florida and New Jersey and I have found advantage plans offering the Grocery card for $2800 and in New York $2500 dollars but only medicare and medicaid members on SNP dual plans are eligible for it.

And for 2023 some plans have increase the benefit to $3600 like Unitedhealthcare or Humana

I have also found in some States plans like Aetna and Clover will offer a type o preloaded visa card all-in-one card with up to $480 dollars In rewards called "healthy options rewards".

THE OTHER type of flex card is the Grocery card for members with chronic conditions.

All these benefits are out there you just need to find the right agents in your state that knows about them.

Calling tv ads may not be a good idea because those agents handle to many states. Calling Facebook ads is also a bad idea you will get thousands of telemarketers calling you back.

Check with us you will not be bombarded by calls. If you live on any of the states bellow

Call 844-316-9413 📞

TENNESSEE, Texas, South Carolina,Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Louisiana.

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