Medicare ADVANTAGE plans with grocery card BENEFIT.

Medicare Advantage plans offering a flex card or grocery card with up to $2,800 dollars in New Jersey


There are several Medicare Advantage Plans offering the Healthy Food Benefits Card.

There are 4 types of card benefits on the Medicare Insurance Market.

but they are all famously known on the internet as Flex Card or flexible cards

Some cards pay for food other cards pay for utility bills, other cards give you cash from the atm and the flex card for dental, vision and hearing aids.

it is very rare you will find all the benefits combined in one insurance carrier.

In some states the Healthy food benefits plus card could be $75 dollars monthly allowance and in others the benefit could be up to $225 dollars every month.

the Medicare Cash card benefit have a maximum allowance of $50 dollars every month

The Medicare Utility bill card program also have a maximum allowance of $50 dollars. 

The flex card could have up to $2,500 dollars in dental benefits a lot of members use this the benefit to pay for dental implants.

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SENIORS ON MEDICARE in the states of Georgia, New Jersey, South Carolina and Florida, Texas.

Residents of New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This unique program is giving seniors up to $ 225 dollars a month in food benefits! It is the hottest program for the year 2022,

This Grocery card will help you with the cost of food, over the counter items and vitamins 

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How can I get the part b premium cost of $148.50 back into my Social  Security  Check

You could save $ 1,770 dollars in a year cost of PART B premium with these Benefits. There are medicare plans that refund you the part B monthly payment. Submit the complete form above and I will  Check if there is a plan with this benefit in your county and State. 


American  seniors may qualify  for this Subsidy 

You must claim this benefit it is not automatically

Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia  residents 65+ could entitled to save on 2022 thousands  of dollars on additional  benefits